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Do I need auto insurance?
Yes. Auto insurance is required by law. It grants protection against costs arising from an auto accident. These costs are unexpected and insurance helps you remain financially solvent if an accident occurs. Driving without insurance is not only illegal, it is costly. Tickets, fees, and penalties can add up fast and you may end up paying more in the long run.
What is an SR-22?

Sometimes to remove a suspension fro your license an Sr-22 is required by the state. SR-22 insurance is a document ordered by the state and issued by the insurance company. The document is kept on file with the state's motor vehicle department (DMV). This filing is a financial responsibility document that guarantees that you have at least the state minimum requirements for automobile insurance. Should the policy lapse or cancel for any reason, the insurance company lets the motor vehicle department know, and the respective person's license is subject to suspension until the requirements are met again.